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Customer Reviews & Stories

Five Stars

"I brought my 2011 Toyota Camry to Crivello auto body after a miner accident and they made the car look like it did the day I bought it. Joe and Jimmy are the best. I also brought my 2016 Tacoma to Crivello and I was sick that I crashed it with only 10,000 miles on it. Just like the Camry, the Tacoma looked and drove a good as new.

Thanks a lot you guys. There's no reason to go anywhere else. My body shop for life.

Thanks again! Dwayne"

Dwayne B. (Yelp review)

Five Stars

"I came in last week because my 2012 Lexus IS250 had some minor scratches towards the rear because I had carelessly back out of my garage and scratch it. I took over to Crevello for a price check, but instead of just telling me how much it would cost and sending me on my way, one of the guys in there, came looked at my car and told me that if I should just polish it and add some touch up paint instead of spending the $700+ dollars to repaint it. The next thing I know is one of the workers in the back came, took my car, polish and added touch up paint and you can barely tell it got scratched. What's most amazing is when I went in to try to pay for the service, he told me not to worry about it, so I decided to write them this yelp comment.

"The people who work here are amazing, with a big heart. It is not the fact that they took care me of without getting paid, but more importantly, given that they know they were not going to get paid, but yet still provided 5 star service. If I ever need any sort of body/paint job for my car, I know where to go. Thank you Crevello again for making my day last week."

Peter W. (Yelp review)

Five Stars

"I've been using Crivello's Body & Paint for the last 28 years. I first met Joe Crivello in 1984 when he managed Chase Chevrolet's body shop in downtown Stockton. At the time I had a new pickup that received damage to the front fender and needed to be repaired. When I got it back it looked as if it had just arrived from the factory. I was very impressed with the quality of the work.

"When Joe opened up his own shop a couple of years later I continued to go to him for my auto body needs. Over the years I've been in need of his services several times and the vehicles have always been returned looking like they were new. They've always looked better than they did before they were damaged. Joe Crivello is very meticulous about the quality of the work that comes out of his shop and it shows in the finished product.

I highly recommend Crivello's Body & Paint!"

Bret S.

Five Stars

"They did really good job with my 2006 Magnum, the painting and the works. Their craftsmanship is excellent - very rare you see nowadays. I got the recommendation from my insurance agent and now I am recommending people I know to go there if you want first class services!"

Elizabeth R.

Five Stars

"We got a referall from Tony from Rick's Auto Repair to take any body work need s to Crivello's so we took our Van to Crivello's it was in pretty bad shape after a car accident. when we got it back it looked brand new I am so happy with them I will NEVER go anywhere else. I am actually about to call them right now, because someone just hit my husband in my car while dropping the kids off at school. "


Five Stars

"I was referred to Crivello, Inc. body/paint shop in Stockton... That was the best bit of info I have rec'd in quite sometime... I took my GMC there... From the moment I walked in the door I was treated with the up most "dignity and respect"... since I lost my husb several yrs ago I have found that some automotive places, tend to be "pushy" and insistent with thier product and try to get a single woman to spend more $'s... The people @ Crivello's did not do this, if anything they def tried to save me $'s and for that I am grateful... All of the people there were great, i.e. Jim Foltz... Very nice and respectful... I say "KUDO'S" to the folks @ Crivello's. I will always recommend their service.. "


Five Stars

"We brought our SUV in to Crivello's to get an estimate on some minor bumper damage. We were very impressed with the professionalism and honesty of the man who helped us (Jim). Not only did he provide a quick estimate, he also gave us several options to consider that would save us some $$. We are very pleased with the result, and would not hesitate to send anyone to Crivello's. Thank you! "

Calvin S.

Five Stars

"I took my camaro to them after somebody decided to get key happy on my car and kick a few panels. I spoke with jim(he was refered by a family friend/brother) and he did what any honest man would do and tell me what the best and cheapest way to fix my car was going to be and gasve me an estimate that blew away all of the other ones in the area! "


Five Stars

"I have been using Crivello Auto Body for years and they have always given me excellent service and repair. Every time I pick up my vehicle it looks like it was brand new. They don't just fix the dent and leave the rest of the car for you to clean. I live 150 miles away and I still use them for all auto body repairs. Good Job Crivello's!!"